Foldable Rehabilitation Bar for a Wall-bar

Our foldable rehabilitation bar for a wall-bar is recommended for all kinds of corrective gymnastics and rehabilitation activities which aim at correcting abnormal side-to-side curves in the spinal column – popularly referred to as ‘scoliosis.’ It is made of two plywood bars, one of which can be slid on steel extension arms. It has a possibility to adjust its height and distance from the wall-bar. Can be easily folded to save up space in the storage room. This rehabilitation bar is meant for asymmetric elongation exercises with derotation which the patient performs while hanging on his or her own legs over the foldable rehabilitation bar attached to a wall-bar with the use of popliteal pads of different thickness and/or additional weights.

It is certified for compliance with PN-EN 12197:2000 and 913:2019-03.

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