Sports Bleachers with Roofing Structure

For outdoor sports courts we recommend sports bleachers with roofing structure which offer a definite convenience and are a nod to the spectators. In our range there are 3- and 4-row bleachers that can be manufactured to fit any number of spectators. Each bleacher is equipped with plastic seats and is composed of 2,0 m segments. Its construction is designed from steel profiles and is hot-galvanized to make it corrosion resistant. The floor is made of hot-galvanized steel platform gratings while the roofing features 10 mm thick transparent cellular polycarbonate pannels with UV protection. Each sports bleacher is designed individually for each sports facility and each design is created in accordance to the current safety norms and regulations concerning spectators. Moreover, the bleacher’s construction has been designed  on the basis of construction standards which take into account dead and live loads, as well as weather factors, e.g., wind and snow. Applying steel profiles of cross section even up to 5 mm and a special arch roofing construction ensure bleacher’s stability and lack of deformations during wind blows up to 80 km/h and snow load up to 73 kg/m2.

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