Rebound Boards with Protective Netting System 4,0 m ”MULTI GAME

Rebound boards with protective netting system ”MULTI GAME” is an outdoor sports courts solution aiming at creating optimal game environment. Steel, hot-galvanized construction anchored to concrete foundation is a base for attaching special rebound boards made of hardwood plywood panels covered with a layer of flexible plastic material which ensures they are crack proof, scratch and weather resistant (e.g. moisture, UV) and at the same time environmentally friendly. A polypropylene safety net is attached to 4,0 m high 80 x 80 mm steel, hot-galvanized posts which are fully integrated with rebound boards construction. Our ”MULTI GAME” system can be adjusted to the customer’s needs and integrated with equipment for playing handball, football, basketball and/or volleyball. Each sports court is designed individually depending on the customer’s needs and available space.

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